Love letters

These are all spontaneous, non-solicited reactions and comments, as well as thank-you’s from our clients. Filter them by service or cooperation aspect that they valued the most.

I thought my previous CV was already good, but this is… fantastic! I did not know that it could look that much better!


When I saw what you had sent me, I started looking at my experience in a different way 🙂 And I really like the way I see it now.

Finance Director

I signed a new contract and I’ve been working for a week now. I am happy since it seems the job meets all of my most important expectations. Thank you for all your help: pushing me into the right direction, positively inspiring me and preparing a really good CV.

Deposit & Investment Product Division Director

I would like to share some really good news with you: I signed a new managerial contract yesterday! Thank you very much for the support you have given me. I am sure that without it”this”would not have happened. You can always count on my recommendation.

Finance & Administration Director

I had sent my CV to over 50 companies – without any results. Thanks to my Career Angel, I realized that my CV was inefficient and difficult to read. Thanks to their advice, my strengths and competences are now exposed in the CV and the whole document is very clear. It might seem unbelievable: I sent my brand new CV to 2 companies and both of them invited me to an interview. I received a job offer after two weeks and accepted it.

Delivery Excellence Manager

I was convinced I had a perfect CV – it contained all necessary information, a detailed description of my responsibilities and competencies. My cover letter was very properly written. Still I had no idea why my phone was silent. It was not until my Career Angel showed me how important the way of presenting the information was and that one standard cover letter was not enough. The difference between my first CV and my professional angel-like CV was huge. As was the number of phone calls with interview invitations that I received.

Sales & Marketing Director

Thank you for your help with finding a new job. The recruitment process went pretty smoothly – everything I learned during the job interview simulation with you was helpful. I was really satisfied with your help in preparing my new CV and with the job interview simulation. Thank you once again and I wish you further successes!

Sales & Marketing Director

It’s really a challenge to change a job in my industry. Especially if you want to combine changing employers with a promotion. Sending CVs is definitely not enough. Fortunately, I had a Career Angel with her innovative approach to the process, huge professionalism and persistence. What worked in my case was the direct contact with headhunters and decision makers from my Top 20 list. I received the invitations to interviews when I did not expect it anymore!

European Plant Manager

I was simply frightened with the idea of job search after so many years in one organization! I asked one of my friends for help and he – instead of saying “it will be ok” – recommended Career Angels to me. I met them, although I was skeptic at first. After 90 minutes I left the meeting convinced that I have enough competences, knowledge and contacts to find a new job easily. I just started and believe me or not – the first offers came after one week!

External Coach & Trainer

I had many doubts when considering my further career. My friend sent my CV to Career Angels behind my back! I was angry with him, but I said “OK, one free meeting… why not?”. It was a good decision. Talking to a Career Angel, her straight to the point questions and the well-prepared materials I got helped me a lot to make up my mind and set a goal for myself. I just apologized to my friend.


Stuck between hard language and diminishing local prospects, I decided to switch careers and take advantage of my native English and technical skills. Career Angels gave me creative perspective and an outrageous idea that perfectly targeted what my current employer was looking for. I have now been in digital media for almost 4 years and manage popular Internet portal for one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Senior Specialist, Global Operations

I truly wanted to change my job to specialize in Real Estate law & to earn more, but I had been ineffective for 6 months. A friend recommended Career Angels to me. My Career Angel gave me advice on my – what I thought – perfect CV & online presence. A month later I started working in the in-house department of an international construction company at the salary I wanted. Thank you!

In-house Lawyer

Although I had been working in marketing for over 10 years, I had forgotten that my CV is my marketing tool. I re-did my CV according to comments from the free intro-meeting, but decided to have Career Angels do their”CV-magic”anyway. Wow. I did not know my CV can actually look like that!

Project Manager

After coming back to my home country, job hunting was going really slow. A fresh”angel-like”CV & especially contacts to the most relevant headhunters got the ball rolling again!

IT Manager

It’s good to have somebody to do all that writing, translating & researching for you, but honestly, what I got out of it is 1) coaching element that led to clarity in my career and 2) invaluable contacts to decision makers in my industry that will pay off sooner or later anyway. Bonus: up-to-date salary survey is a lovely advantage in interviews & negotiations!


I was at a point of my career where I was not sure about when, if and how to change my job. Meeting with my Career Angel helped me clarify that. We prepared my CV, I sent it to a friend who had recommended me, I went to two interviews and got invited to the third one where I knew we would talk about money. The position seemed perfect, but salary was 50% of what I was then making. My Career Angel helped me devise a negotiation strategy. To make long story short: the company matched my expectations, I am still there & up for a significant promotion!

Finance Director

Career Angels have helped me realize where I was in my life and what opportunities I had to find a job: what I had, what I had already done well, what I had to improve and what I had to concentrate on. The interview simulations were fantastic! After 3 meetings I am confident about my Business English skills. In my opinion, this was very well invested money in my personal development. Next time I need help, I know where to look for it!

VP in Strategic Change Management

Thank you very much for your great help in getting me ready for the job interviews. I am also very grateful for your professional advice on my CV and online profiles. Since I started working with you, I have gained knowledge and skills that have helped me win a recruitment process on a VP level in one of the best companies on the market. I can recommend your services with a clear conscience – they are really effective. I did most of the work myself, but thanks to you I knew what direction to take. Once again, thank you very much!

VP in Strategic Change Management

Meeting with a Career Angel can be compared to a therapy session during which I was forced to think about myself and things that work in my favor among my competition. Not only did it result in new presence and content of my CV, but I also now see how it helps me during the meetings with headhunters and potential new employers.

Head of Financial Institutions Team

I attended an interview in Frankfurt last week. I was invited, because my CV was the most interesting one! The interviewer told me she had put my CV on the very top because she really wanted to meet me despite my poor German. Fluent German skills were mandatory for that position. I do not know how it will work out, but I now see how important and powerful the CV is.

Head of Financial Institutions Team

What did I gain from cooperating with you? In a nutshell: an effective way to find a job consistent with my career development path. I found a new job really quickly, although there were not many offers available on the market. All that thanks to Career Angels’ approach, strategy and proactive support. Additionally, thanks to you, I managed to de-pigeonhole myself as a candidate: although I did not fulfill a branch-related mandatory requirement from the job ad, I was able to present myself in front of a potential employer and participate in the whole recruitment process. While executing Career Angels’ strategy, I had the feeling that I was in full control of my career.

Country Finance Head

Why do I recommend you? You are effective. You have an untraditional approach to seeking a job in those dynamic times. You give much support (knowledge, comfort and a quiet mind). You are courageous enough to try new approaches. You are committed to the process and flexible. And of course, all of this is combined with the lack of compromises in terms of the quality of the implemented strategy!

Country Finance Head

Cooperating with Career Angels has motivated me to start the job search and to re-do my CV professionally. They have further shown me a direction and how to look for job offers. But the thing is, they did not allow me to keep postponing the search for a new job. There are many possible kinds of cooperation, so everybody will find something suitable for themselves. I strongly recommend Career Angels to people who want to find their career path.

Service Delivery Manager

Cooperation with Career Angels was a really interesting experience: I understood what professional challenges I was looking for. During our meetings, I had the opportunity to realize how high my level of competences is and then polish them, what would later help during the interviews. They helped me realize what I am good at, what my strengths are and which competences could be crucial for a potential employer. Thanks to a professionally prepared CV, I had the opportunity to meet with key headhunters on the market. I recommend Career Angels to every manager whose career needs energizing and who wants to define their priorities and aspirations.


Cooperating with Career Angels is above all a huge encouragement to act. When we are looking for a job for some time, stagnation and lack of believing in your own success can be very depressing. Job hunting support is priceless. “CV lifting” is also an important aspect. Career Angels have the ability to objectively look at a job seeker and bring into light, or in this case, onto CV pages, their most important competences. This really raises job seekers’ self-esteem and makes them more self-confident. Career Angels indicate the person’s strengths which in return helps them realize how big their job market value is. They approach each client individually as everybody is different and requires a different approach: because of their character, mood or industry. Career Angels effectively differentiate their approach towards their clients.

TV Producer, Program Director

I read the Job Hunting Director e-book right after I read on that you had published it. I was downed on my knees! I do not know how to express how grateful I am that you shared this valuable knowledge in such a “user-friendly” form, on top of that, for free! Concrete recommendations supported by examples straight from the “battle field”, interviews with decision makers, evaluating different methods of targeting very good firms. The book is concrete and well-edited. Your publication made me understand so many elements of a recruitment process; vide: why several times I did not get a job that I should have gotten without any effort!

Senior Lawyer

After cooperating with Career Angels I tried with a similar company of that kind. It’s a far cry from Career Angels!

Managing Director

I looked through the documents you had sent me more thoroughly and I am especially grateful for the”cover emails”. I have to admit they are really great and they reflect my style 🙂

Acting Country Head of Internal Audit

I found a new job thanks to my personal contacts, but I think the cooperation with Career Angels had a great influence on the final success. I doubt I would have beaten my competition preparing only on my one. One of my friends is looking for a job and I recommended you without a blink. Thank you for your help and I wish you many further successes.


I’m really satisfied with your service. Thank you!

Managing Partner

You give an impulse to act. You are a spark igniting flames as long as the wood is dry 🙂 Thank you!

Marketing & Communication Manager

Huge thanks. The conversation with you gave me a huge shot of energy.

Managing Director

WOW – this was my first reaction to my new CV. I did not expected anything like that at all! Thank you!

Strategic Marketing Director

I saw the effects of your work that you did with my sister and I really liked her new CV. I would like you to create mine as well.

HR Manager

Thank you for arranging a meeting on such a short notice. I needed someone like you to discuss my current employment situation. It was a pleasant and productive session.

Legal Counsel

The CV looks so much better! 🙂 It looks impressive!

Senior Finance Manager

I am really satisfied with your very professional approach. I always recommend you with pleasure.

Senior Finance Manager

It is really great! The colors are still new to me, but I am getting used to them and I am getting to like my CV more and more! The overall effect is very good. It looks interesting and professional.

Financial Solutions Center Director

As strange as it may sound, I am glad to be sorry to cancel our session… because in the meantime I got an offer which I accepted! I will be responsible for international strategic projects starting October 1st. Actually, this also confirms what you mentioned regarding your experience. I was happy to get in touch with you and I will recommend your services as I find them absolutely useful.


I recommend Career Angels to anyone actively seeking a new job, especially if currently unemployed. Highly task-oriented, their performance was consistently professional, and although not cheap, the cost is insignificant relative to a potential salary. So if you are between jobs, don’t want to sail round the world but instead want to have a concentrated job-seeking blitz and can handle the “feedback”, I recommend you use them.


I found your tips really useful and I definitely will take them into consideration. Thank you also for the materials.

Product Manager, Global Liquidity & Cash Management

Thank you for the session, tips and all materials I got from you! They were really useful during my interview last Wednesday. It went quite well, I’m really pleased with myself. I should get an answer soon and will let you know!


Thank you for the interview simulation. It taught me a lot. So far, I was the one who asked questions during interviews, and now I see that I was not aware how to behave while being on the “other side”.


A huge “thank you”! I’m 100% satisfied with our session.

Finance Manager, SSC

I have already had 3 interviews, each of them was part of the initial stage of a recruitment process, and I’m positive. Thank you for your professional help.

Financial Controller & Business Unit Controller

Thank you for the meeting. Things you do prove that if you have a good teacher you can easily understand the job market / HR world, and you don’t need any big brand for it. Knowledge, professionalism and engagement are enough.

Business Unit Director

Imagine that not only did I reach my destination, but I also feel that I finally found my place on earth. Without a doubt our session was a great and very important lesson for me and exactly when I really needed this. Thank you.

Event Manager

Thank you for the session, it was truly valuable. You built up a conviction (which I used to believe in but had given up lately) that a professional presentation of my competences and experience included in my CV can be powerful and effective, and lead to finding a job without using”demonised”relations.


I definitely believe in the methods you use – though I did everything on my own: out of 12 emails, I got 7 interview invitations. Two of the decision makers took me to the next level and one even a meeting with the CFO. However, I’m still wondering whether I should search the market even wider – but this time with your support 🙂

Business Unit Director

Your time, advice and resources are very much appreciated (‘Angel’ is, in fact, an appropriate title). These past 2 years have presented me with quite a few eye-opening experiences on both a professional and personal level, and I found that one common denominator in all this is the need to step out of my comfort zone in order to really move forward. And this is a very good thing! (not easy – but, yes, very good). So – on that note – long live positive energy! Thank you again and we’ll be in touch soon.

VP Advertising EMEA

You are a Rock-Star and an Angel – that puts you in the special category of Rock-Star Angel! 🙂 Just needed to let you know! I’m so grateful 🙂

Senior Consultant

[From a headhunter who recommended us] Your client has just shared his new CV with me that you worked on. I must congratulate you and the team working on it for a truly amazing job. It’s a stark contrast to his original CV – I really love the way you captured his international experience and achievements supported by facts and numbers. This is probably the best CV I have seen for someone with his experience, especially given the wide remit of his experience which often makes it difficult to visualize, but the Angels did it again 🙂 Truly remarkable job – well done!

VP Global Procurement

I can highly recommend cooperating with Career Angels. I like the whole process and their approach very much. The Skype sessions (I really appreciated the underlying methodology) helped me to sharpen out my core competences and you did a brilliant job to transfer it into my new CV and Project Portfolio (by the way – both of them look fantastic now). I really appreciate your support and your working style. I’m happy to do this project together with you. I appreciate the structure/content and the appearance of the whole document very, very much. The heading section with contact data, picture and “Personal Headline” looks amazing! “Personal Headline” brings it to the point! The 3 main fields of competences at the beginning provide a compact and at the same time comprehensive overview about my profile – superb! Here you combined perfectly my leasing and automotive trade experience and I think we can use this CV at the same time for all of those industries.Many thanks for challenging me to make my “interests” section more specific – I am sure that enriches the picture of me! Once again, many thanks for the great work you did! Thanks for your very brief and complete feedback – I agree in all points with your recommendations and your approach!

General Manager

Thank you very much! Really, really great job! I’d hire myself if I saw this CV!Also, thank you for today’s interview simulation. After that I feel no fear of cold weather and it seems that I can handle everything. Viewing my records and yet do not worry at all – you prepared me well 🙂 Thanks a lot! Thank you very much for your support, patience and your wonderful work! Without your professionally done CV and support, training and interview nothing would have happened!

Global Tax Manager

A lot of thanks for your support. The motivation letter sounds now better than before. I am sure that I will need your help in the future. Thank you so much for your warm words, which motivate me to be strong and see the future positively.

In-house Lawyer

Thank you, my LinkedIn profile is awesome and looks perfect. You are really an angel 🙂 Also, I went through the CV, seems very good and professional! I like it! I am very glad for where we have reached: – LinkedIn profile created! – CV created!- Cover letter superb!!- Top 20 companies identified for my profile Thank you so much! Great, great job!

Cluster Zone Manager, EMEA

The interview went very well, I would give myself more points than on the simulation – this time 7 points 🙂 So thank you once again – very useful exercise.Regarding the CV – I like everything, no comments, thank you very much!

Project & Risk Manager

Thank you very much for the documents and for your great support! It was also a pleasure for me to work with you!

Business Consultant

The cover e-mail is good for me. It is quite a challenge to formulate it in a way that this is neither too aggressive, nor too shy. You did a good job and solved it in very smart way.

Regional Operations Manager

I have signed a contract with a great company I believe and have met very nice people already! I want to thank you for your support along the way. In the end it was my interest/motivation for getting back into Animal Health industry that drove it through 🙂 Wishing you a great summer!

Nordic Business Unit Head

Looks great, fresh and completely different from the old CV!

Head of Rental & Sales

Thank you very much for your time last week, the session was very useful. It helped me understand that there were a few extra things to be done in order to find the next job opportunity. As for the CV: I like how the blueish color matches my shirt! 🙂 Thanks a lot for the total effort with the document. And your tips about preparing examples for all responsibilities are very valuable as I came up with a few significant things that I had done in my career, which would for sure help a lot during the interview. A potential employer already told me that my CV is great. Thanks to you and your colleagues!

Products, Services & Solutions Manager

The CV looks great! I like what you did with it. Good job! It looks nice 🙂

Interim Manager

As for the CV, I can just say: Wow! It is a magnificent work. I like it so much.

Project Manager

And that’s what we can call: Speed Action. You are a Star!

Country Manager

I think you did a marvelous job in pointing the key facts and rendering the document clear and to the point.

General Manager, Area Director CEE

Thank you very much. This is great what you do.

CEO, Poland & Ukraine

I’m impressed with your speed and quality of work!

Learning & Development Director

The CV looks really professional. Thank you.

Sales Manager

Thank you very much for your attention, substantial help and huge support. They say that we are who we are thanks to who we meet and interact with – I’d qualify our session into that category of meaningful encounters. Thank you.

Chief Digital Officer

Thank you sending me the summary after our first interview simulation, but mainly for the simulation and feedback afterwards and for your tips and suggestions. I will definitely use them in the future. I did not believe that anybody can surprise me with any kind of questions. You never stop learning!


I’m so surprised with my new CV and LinkedIn profile. Congratulations! The document is so convincing that I got an offer of managing a budget of PLN 5 bn!


Thank you very much for your help in highlighting my competences in my CV. Also, thank you for your critical tips during our interview simulation. I’m more self-confident now and I know how to present myself, my experience and skills on interviews in the future.

Procurement Manager

Thank you very much for our cooperation at this stage – your skills and competences exceeded my expectations.


I’d like to thank you for the session. It was really inspiring and I am very impressed. It gave me hope that my professional life can quickly change for the better. I will recommend your services very often. This kind of professionalism you represent is real art. And effects you see – as well!

Brand Manager

Thank you very much for the session, which opened my eyes and gave me motivation again. Thank you very much for the suggestions. You are truly an Angel.

Business Development Manager

Thank you very much for your help. What I found especially useful: – preparing a CV (enabled a quick start of the process) – interview simulation – was extremely important: during the process I had 5 interviews and simulations which equipped me with proper information and advice.

Site Manager

As our cooperation continues, I have more and more trust in and appreciation for your competences. I was convinced one more time that it is worth cooperating with Career Angels.

Fund Manager

Once again thank you very much for the excellent cooperation. Thanks to Career Angels I found a very interesting, ambitious new job. Thank you!

Project Manager

I had never thought that it would be possible to improve so much! I only regret that we hadn’t done this interview simulation before my very first interview.

Commercial Director

Thank you for your help with improving my cover email and my CV. One of the CEOs responded immediately and I’m waiting for an invitation from the HR department. All in all, I went to 3 meetings (2 with Board Members and 1 with a CEO). So far so good – I think that I’m well prepared for interviews. Thank you one more time for the exercises you gave me. To be honest, I hadn’t really expected I would find anything brand new in the following interview simulations (I had some in my previous program with the other company). I am really grateful for that and for discussing all my questions. The answers we came up with were straight to the point.

IT Director

I am very grateful for our session. Now I really know how much should be done, and in what way. I have to think it over as a project and will come back to you.

IT Director

Dear Career Angel, thank you for sharing your point of view regarding my Linkedin profile. I have to absolutely agree. You are right, as always 🙂

Sales Manager

I am really impressed with your remarks regarding our interview simulation. I am absolutely sure I would like to have additional sessions with you. If you don’t tell me I am prepared well enough I will not start real interviews. You were very strict and I appreciate it very much.

European Logistics & Customer Service Director

Thank you for motivating me, your help and committment. I appreciate it very much.


Your work on my documents and online profiles brought results – they are working perfectly, like you said :). I’m in the middle of 3 recruitment processes now, two of them for Marketing Director with teams of 15 FTEs. The interviews I had so far went perfectly! I have no idea how, it just happened. I’m waiting for the results, so we will see how it ends. If it is possible, I will use your help and tips on further levels of the recruitment process. Now I’m more self-confident, I’ve restored my sense of security and I’m really keen on even more career successes.

Marketing Manager

I would like to thank you for the analysis of my documents. Thanks to your suggestions, which I applied to my CV, LinkedIn and GoldenLine profiles, I can feel a big improvement of my contact with headhunters. My online profile has reached the expert level and visibility of my profile increased by 21%. I have to admit that I can’t afford your services now, but I hope that in the future I will be able to repay for your help.

Project Manager

I was really pleased to meet you. Thank you once again for a very inspiring session. Now I know how much I can do. There were some issues we talked about that I was not even aware of.

Marketing Manager

I must admit you did an extremely good job. Only one question was not asked (all the others we practiced during the interview simulation) but the one that we started with and discussed during the first IVS. Thank you very, very much.


Thank you very much for the CV. I don’t want to change anything.

Business Development Manager

My CV did a milestone step into becoming an ideal document 🙂 Thank you.

Purchasing Process Manager

I’ve seen my friend’s CV that you prepared. It looks fantastic and he looks like 1 million dollars.

Segments Department Head

I really appreciate your comments after the interview simulation. You are the very first person who could really spot and describe my problem with communication. I definitely would like to have a second session with you.


I am very grateful for our cooperation. My CV looks great and the English version even better. Thank you very much.


Thank you very much for our cooperation. You helped me to decide which job offer to accept. I really appreciate that you were always there for me.

Human Resources Director

The most important thing in the job hunting process is to know the direction and to specify your own expectations. It is not easy, especially when you are not self-confident enough. When working with Career Angels you are absolutely sure that every step is a step forward and you are closer to your goal. It is really amazing how you can do so much for yourself in such a short period of time. My Career Angel supported me in everything during the job hunting process. I found exactly what I wanted.

Marketing Coordinator

I would like say that cooperating with you is pure pleasure. The quality and value of your services are on a very high level. Thank you so much for your support, such a quick success is a result of cooperating with you.

Sales Director

Thanks to your help I found a job in an area that interested me. Thank you one more time for your tips and contacts to headhunters. If I ever look for a job again, I will definitely contact you.P.S. All of my friends looking for a job already know about Career Angels 😉


I’m really enjoying our cooperation. It is great that Angels such as you exist.

General Manager (Interim)

Thank you for our sessions and your time. You do a great job 😉

Leasing Consultant

Thank you for preparing my CV. I would like to thank you one more time for your very professional approach and a fantastic effect. I recommended you to a person who is in a similar situation.

Sales Director

Thank you once again for your time and the inspiring meeting. I know that our meeting was your pre-sales job without which you’re not able to convince the client. But still, the way you conducted the entire meeting and the value I got out of it made me feel really good 🙂 And I’m writing this as an ex Sales Director, who was responsible for B2B Sales and was unsuccessfully looking for people of such calibre.

Head of Administration Department

Our sesssion was really stimulating 🙂

Marketing Manager

Thank you for your help and support. I managed to go through the 8 step recruitment process and I have a wonderful job.

Business Development & Strategy Director

I was thinking about what to do with my future and I gave myself some time to develop my own company – a real estate agency. I have had a license since 2009 and I had always been working in this branch after my working hours. It looks really promising. But I’m still active anyway and I’m looking for a job. Thank you once again for your help, as it is really useful and it works! 🙂

Commercial Director

Last year I hit the glass ceiling at my company. No regional roles available. I was flirting with the idea to change companies, but knew it would be a time-consuming venture that I did not want to undertake myself. I could not be dedicated to both my current job and to job hunting at the same time. A headhunter recommended Career Angels. I am currently waiting for concrete job offers from 4 companies that I indeed would like to work for. I can recommend Career Angels to all executives that are extremely busy!

Experienced Manager

I had been a (Managing) Director for over 20 years and out of work for half a year. I’m over 50 and I wanted my next job to be my last one before retirement. So I did not want any job for any money. Although my wife and my friends were against my cooperation with Career Angels, I trusted my gut feeling and decided to outsource everything to them. They handled really e v e r y t h i n g! Whenever I had a bad day, my Career Angel joked, “Outsource the worrying to me! I will tell you, when you can start worrying yourself. For now, we are ok. Everything goes according to plan.” I started receiving serious offers within 3 months and started work immediately after that. Now I can recommend them to my colleagues as they are not my potential competitors anymore!

Experienced Manager

Since I started working with you, I gained knowledge and skills that helped me win a recruitment process on a VP level in one of the best companies on the market. I can recommend your services with a clear conscience – they are really effective.

Experienced Manager

The CV is synthetic, not overly long and as is common with executives at your level. Contains a stripped down account of the figures involved – I like that, let the numbers do the talking.

Experienced Manager

Talking and discussing things with you is extremely helpful. It was a great idea to have this kind of workshop instead of a regular interview simulation – I discussed all I wanted and I know how to cope with the recruitment meeting next week.

Experienced Manager

I would like to thank you one more time for helping me with creation of my CV.

Associate Professor

Dear Career Angel, our sessions were very useful to me. I found them very valuable. I’m recommending your company to my friends. Thanks a lot.

Experienced Manager

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