As the name suggests, here you’ll find a list of selected client projects that you can filter by function like Finance, Sales & Marketing, etc.

Position: Administration Finance Coordinator
About: A Latin American in Central Europe who had been transferred internally and had never in 17 years looked for a job before. Due to cuts got successfully ready for the change.
Position: Chief Accountant
About: An accomplished Chief Accountant with no self-esteem stuck in a bad-paying job. With the new CV and an objective assessment of their competencies found a new perspective.
Position: CFO
About: CFO that had worked on unique transactions with excellent reputation, but bound by a very strict non-compete had to re-position themselves in a different sector. It worked.
Position: CFO
About: CFO that had never looked for a job in over 20 years. Excellent career achievements, though with no ability or intent to sell themselves during the search. Successful in interviews!
Position: Deputy CFO
About: Deputy CFO of a major holding unemployed for 6 months and frustrated. Went through the Independent Job Hunter Program and created a situation where they could reject several job offers.
Position: Investment Director, PE/VC
About: Well-prepared Investment Director that had hit the glass ceiling & considered moving to consulting. Major challenge: extremely young looks. Interviewed with Big4. Ultimately chose Asian PE fund.
Position: Group Cost Controller
About: Austrian in the BENELUX countries with a desire to return home for family reasons. Desire to prepare an international though local enough CV achieve that goal.
Position: Accountant
About: Due to their loyalty and dedication received a managerial placement program. Rather junior and inexperienced in searching for a job. Many questions. Lots of doubts. Found a job in no time!
Position: Finance Manager, SSC Europe
About: After almost 10 years at the same company had no opportunities to get further promoted or advance. Invisible on the SSC market / landscape. Successfully positioned themselves.
Position: Head of Internal Audit
About: Unfamiliar with the market and a 100% by-the-book-kinda-guy “tomorrow at 10 means tomorrow at 10” – struggled therefore immensely with headhunters. Accepted an offer generated by one.
Position: Finance Director
About: Very sophisticated (in other words complicated) career history due to the overlapping responsibilities and legal entities with their changing names and structures. Wanted a clear CV. Got one!
Position: Controlling Director
About: Biggest doubt, “Am I after 18 years in the same company an attractive candidate on the market and, ideally, for another industry?” After the CV preparation process the answer was YES!
Position: Finance Director
About: An extremely well-qualified Finance Director that struggled with positioning themselves on the market adequately. Received several satisfying offers.
Position: Senior Consultant
About: A US American that moved to Central Europe for personal reasons taking on a part-time job away from their core career. Wanted to get back on track with a full-time job as consultant. It worked.
Position: Regional Finance Manager
About: A Greek expat in Hungary, working on finance migration projects (financial SSC) looking for a new challenge across Europe.
Position: General Manager
About: A CEO returning from an expat assignment without a job and little prospects in their own industry. Re-positioned themselves and found a CEO role with a smaller organization in a different branch.
Position: Country Manager
About: Wanted to make the jump from local Online Marketing Manager based in a CEE country to an international one in Western Europe. It worked!
Position: CEO
About: With tarnished reputation by former employer with 2 goals: 1) find another CEO role within 6-9 months accepting a financial setback (done), then 2) work actively on branding to get back on track. (in progress & interviewing)
Position: Managing Director, Poland & Baltics
About: Received an unexpected interview invitation from a company they’ve always wanted to work for only months after changing jobs. Wanted a sounding board to weigh whether it was potentially a good move. Nailed the interview.
Position: Managing Director
About: Very industry-diverse background. Needed assistance in defining “Step 1”, i.e. which industry to go for and which 90 companies within that segment. Delivered everything.
Position: CEO
About: Working for investment funds and their portfolio companies where shares and ownerships as well as names changed over time made it difficult to clearly see the career progression. Not anymore.
Position: CEO
About: Dynamic, ambitious CEO who can’t stand still and always had assignments in-between the “real jobs” thus making the CV chaotic & misleading. At 45 at a critical point to plan ahead and decide what (not) to do next with an elegant CV.
Position: CEO
About: Senior Consultant turned CEO of a production company where they delivered the desired turnaround. Not in alignment with shareholders. Needed CV and interview support for inquiries from Executive Search Consultants.
Position: CEO
About: Known name in not only their own industry. Brilliant corporate career. Then a streak of bad luck with several 1-2 year assignments as CEO. Turned entrepreneur. Successfully supported desire to make it back into corporate.
Position: CEO
About: Highly successful in a male-dominated industry that she wanted to move out of. Superb transferable change management skills and background in consumer goods. Desire to work with luxury or services. Interviewed with both.
Position: Senior Director, Banking
About: Manager from DACH region on an expat assignment in Eastern Europe considering moving, ideally within that country. Needed international, but local enough CV to entice interest.
Position: Executive Director
About: Old-fashioned manager from Europe stuck in the ‘90s. With a good previous career in the US. Did not digest well the move back to Europe. Needed a reality check and a CV worth of the 21st century.
Position: Area Operations Director
About: Used to assistants. When employed was regularly called by headhunters who they arrogantly ignored. Fierce LinkedIn opponent. Will probably never love any of it – but can now manage the job search at their level effectively.
Position: Regional Director
About: 10 years with one company. Was offered something that seemed better. Changed. Disappointed. Changed again. More disappointment. Needed a new strategy and focus for the remaining 10 years of their career.
Position: Managing Director
About: An expat in CZ with focus on turnarounds and scaling up businesses, leading national & multinational blue chip high tech companies across Europe. Got happily promoted to a regional position.
Position: General Manager
About: An experienced upstream (Oil&Gas sector) executive looking to move to the ME from Kazakhstan. Despite extremely positive feedback from both HHs and companies, there were no openings. Thanks to that insight started own consultancy.
Position: General Manager, Area Director CEE
About: A successful pharma executive in Central Europe looking for a new assignment in Switzerland to follow their partner’s transfer.
Position: CEO
About: A Ukrainian MD looking for his next assignment in retail after having managed a Russian business in Ukraine during the conflict. With feedback and market insights was confident to launch their own projects.
Position: Medical Lead for Diabetology and Cardiovascular Portfolio
About: A Medical Director looking for the next challenge outside of Poland. Requested our support to understand the dynamics of the job market and facilitate contacts with the right Executive Search Consultants.
Position: Director, SSC EMEA
About: Seasoned, value-driven EMEA HR Director. Bit bored with managing SSC for HR services only. Wanted to work for a re-known company close to the board. Interviewed internationally with Fortune 500 firms. Chose one.
Position: Global Compensation & Benefits Expert
About: Truly global expert with above average compensation. Willing to relocate. Clearly knew what she wanted and that’s what she got: moved into consulting and to a BENELUX country within 6 months.
Position: Director, Learning and Development
About: A Russian HR manager at a recognized bank in the DACH region looking for development options in the Learning and Development sphere.
Position: Project Management Officer
About: Their whole career in one company except for two internships while studying. Managed to clearly show the dynamic organization in the changing responsibilities over the years.
Position: Director of Commercial Department
About: Commercial Director, 50+. Took a bit too much time off after losing their job due to restructuring. Contacted recruiters specialized in Sales. Ultimately accepted a board advisory role.
Position: Product Manager
About: Initial career in product marketing. A not-thought-through change to another industry. Then a short unrelated project followed by over one year of unemployment. The Independent Job Hunter Program enabled a good return onto the market.
Position: Corporate Affairs & PR Director
About: Unrealistic expectations in terms of immediate career goals. Most of the past was linked to the public sector & weak English skills as compared to other job hunters. Needed a reality check and a strategy for immediate and medium-term next steps.
Position: Head of Rental & Sales
About: A General Manager with focus on Sales & Marketing / Direct Sales in B2B looking for his next assignment while still working as Head of Rental & Sales.
Position: Sales Manager
About: A pharma Sales Manager who was looking for a new challenge after 4 years as an expat in Russia. Got a desired regional position in their home country.
Position: Procurement Manager CEE
About: Very experienced manager. Good knowledge. Successful track record. None of which was reflected in the CV. The new version had a good reception with recruitment companies.
Position: Regional IT Director
About: Regional IT Director for Europe attended a conference where Career Angels spoke about Data Driven Career Management. Wanted to take inventory of their experience & competencies to be prepared for calls from Headhunters.
Position: Global IT Director
About: Global IT Director proactively getting ready for potentially being fired due to restructuring. Did cautious window-shopping through selected headhunters.
Position: Research Director
About: Joined a firm during their studies where they were systematically promoted across 10 years. Could not stand internal dynamics and quit their job without any idea of what to do next. Now they do. Set up their own consultancy.
Position: Project Manager
About: During 10 years in the same firm, managed to change internally. In order to retain them, their employer created a unique position that does not exist on the market. Challenge to define next career steps, did it with us.
Position: Project Manager
About: Project Manager in the IT sector who did everything wrong that could be done wrong while searching for a job. Needed several sessions to iron out mistakes with every job hunting channel. Biggest challenge: male ego.
Position: Head of Global Strategy & Project Management
About: Wanted to bring their CV up to market standards after attending a lecture about executive job hunting in the 21st century. Not embarrassed anymore when sending out CV.
Position: Science & Innovation Officer
About: Worked in the public sector connecting private firms to public institutions. Main focus: cutting-edge technology and innovation. Received several targeted CV versions to make it back to the private sector.
Position: Communication & Sales Director
About: Pushed by a friend to finally stop complaining and start doing something after 8 years at the same company. Extremely self-conscious as they were rejected twice for a promotion. Did objective assessment of competencies.
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