You have probably found this website as you already know us, Career Angels, and our Services. If not, that’s OK – feel free to read our website and/or our blog first. Or simply stay here and have some <3

We’ve decided to launch this additional website thanks to the appreciation we receive every day. We can’t stress it often enough: it’s a privilege, an honor and a pleasure to work with experienced managers across the globe, including the world’s top management.

You allow us to guide you through your job hunting struggles and frustrations, you let us into your personal space during Skype calls (sometimes we meet your kids or spouses). You share your plans and future goals so that we can support you to achieve them.

Thank you for your trust and openness. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. Career Angels usually have been headhunters for many years, they have job searched themselves, and they have worked in business and/or HR. Therefore, we fully understand the dynamics of the (hidden) job market and its trends & shifts.

How to navigate this website – see menu:

About our clients: this is about you. Who you are. Where you come from. The results that you have achieved. The job hunting channels that have worked for you.

Love letters: these are all spontaneous, non-solicited reactions and comments, as well as thank-you’s from our clients. Filter them by service or cooperation aspect that they valued the most.

Client list: as the name suggests, here you’ll find a list of selected client projects that you can filter by function like Finance, Sales & Marketing, etc.

Why we love what we do? Why have we chosen this career path for ourselves? Because we believe that…

  • every executive has the right to a confidential conversation about their careers.
  • somebody should be on the side of the job hunters as opposed to headhunters or employers.
  • managers should have access to a competent sounding board.
  • experienced professional should be able to effectively navigate the current labor market that might resemble a labyrinth.
  • everybody should be able to present their competencies adequately even though they are not sales people.
  • every single person has their own, appropriate and “right” career path.
  • what we do matters.
  • every manager has their “ideal” place on the market.

Without an equally fantastic team “this” would not be possible. We work very hard on improving and maintaining our quality standards which means that only the best make into and remain in our team. Thank you for your commitment and continuous effort!

Thank you!
Your Career Angels Team

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